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It Was an Honor to be on Stage for the CCNY Colin Powell School Commencement

One week ago today, on 6/1/17, I was given the honor of being on stage looking out onto a field of mostly young CCNY graduates.  

For most it was their first degree, for some their second or third but what united them was their sense of school community and spirit.  I tell people in business that I am always bluntly honest.  Speaking bluntly and honestly, I would put being up on that stage with the same kind of honor I felt when becoming President of Business and Economics Alumni for CCNY and my own commencement day.

I had the pleasure of speaking to many students, alumni, and faculty that day.  One thing that was clear was everyone shared the same sense of community and I think that, along with great faculty is what sets the Colin Powell School at CCNY apart from other departments.  The highlight of the day was being on the same stage as General Colin Powell himself.  Had someone told me 10 years ago that I would be in that position, I am certain I would have told them they were crazy.  To shake hands with General Powell afterward was a moment I surely will never forget.

I wish all of these students luck in their career endeavors; I encourage them to be bold, fair, to see both sides of an issue, and lastly to be unafraid to speak openly and honestly about their opinions on all matters.  I hope that some of those students get the chance to be on stage sitting right next to me in the future.

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