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My Take on Trump Allegedly Leaking Classified Material to Russia

Kind of an old story but I wanted to let it settle and then get my thoughts out there.

The media has been in an uproar, pushing a narrative that Trump has broken a law, committed treason, and leaked classified information to the Russians.  I have been patient with this, looked for facts, and here's what I've learned:

First is that what Trump told the Russians was already public knowledge (that had been first leaked no less).

Second is that Trump, as President, can declassify anything he wants, whenever he wants.  This means that even if he did share classified material with them, it would be completely legal.

Lastly, John Brennan testified as part of the Obama administration saying "I shared classified information with the Russians as director of the CIA"  He further went on to say "CIA on a routine basis shares classified information with the Russians on terrorism matters"

On that last point, where is the scandal?  Why isn't the media tracking down members of his staff and threatening treason?  Simple, it doesn't fit the narrative.

All of this is just another set of false hype created by a news media hell bent on taking down the President.  Too often in our lives, we are more focused on hype and fluff.  I say live your life according to facts and truth; accept that sometimes the truth isn't what you want it to be and suck it up.  It's no longer safe to watch something on the news or on a news website and assume it's true.  Don't assume multiple sources to be true if they're unconfirmed or anonymous.

I didn't vote for the guy.  I've said on this blog in the past that I am a libertarian so it is probably clear who I chose on November 8th.  That said, I respect the office of President, regardless of who holds it.

Thank you for reading and comment if you choose.