Master Motivation

There’s no way to know where and when you’ll find this master motivator, some have it from a young age; others don’t find it until they hit middle age.
Some always appear to be ahead of the game, some always appear to need to grow up. They are both wrong.
The minute you grow up and you think you have it all figured out you close down avenues you otherwise would not have.  To those that society would appear to say have not grown up yet, I would tell them that while they might be better suited with a plan, to never lose their sense of what it means to have fun.
This motivation can never die, you can only drown it out if you’re a fool. Even if for you it’s a person and they leave you, you owe it to yourself to keep motivated because of how you felt about them when they were around. It’s always present within you, but a few select people and things know how to bring it out.
Never forget it, drive towards it, let it motivate you; make it your cause in the world. Make it so that no matter where you go and no matter what you do it’s always with you. Even if it leaves you, never leave it. It’s important, and you are a fool if you forget it. For those of you that have succeeded, it’s what got you there. For those of you still trying to make it, it is what you will rely on to get you there.
Don’t be afraid to let your guard down, let people in. They may hurt you but if they do, forgive them. Open your life to others; you never know how they will inspire you and what life lessons you can learn from them.
This motivator is reliable, keep going with it, nurture and use it until you’re dead.  When you pass away, (if you’re an atheist I got nothing for you, sorry) thank God for it. For what it did for you, how it changed you, guided you, motivated you.
Push hard, do it for you and your internal driver, you owe it to yourself to make it in the end.
Embrace it, honor it, name it if you want; I will call mine Julia.

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