Your Operation or Small Business Must be a Leader, Not a Follower

Leaders and followers, these are traits that come from within, if you are person that is either or both; there is nothing that is necessarily wrong with that.  In business, both at the small business level and concerning logistical operations, we must always remain leaders of our operations over our colleagues and competing small businesses.  In business there is a fundamental truth.  When competing businesses become preoccupied about what each other are doing, they wind up producing almost the same product at a similar price.  The consumers lose.  Also in logistics, as the leader of your operation; you do have numbers you do need to keep in terms of efficiency.  However, your colleagues will also have their operations; you must strive to differentiate yours from theirs as much as possible.  It will give you the best chance to be noticed, putting your career on the fast track.  Let’s face it, in a logistics operation you and your colleagues are on the same team, but only 1 team member will get moved up while the remainder waits for their turn, which do you want to be?
As always, I will cover the logistics of things first.  In my days as an operations supervisor and manager, I always made sure I had a way about myself that differentiated me from my colleagues; you must do the same.  This means a lot more than trying to think outside the box at staff meetings; let your performance do the talking.  A mentor in operations once told me, always keep swinging, never let your gloves down either.  In small business, to become a leader of all whom you compete against, the onus falls more on the owner than the employees.  The owner ultimately decides what goods the business will sell and/or what services they will provide, and for how much.

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