The 2014 Climate Marches in NYC Were Light on Weather and Science, Heavy On Communist, Socialist, And Regulatory Ideology

An older article wrote years ago that I published here since I believe the concept is still relevant.
I’m an advocate of free thoughts and free ideas, however when people use a cause, in this case their belief in climate change, as a way to make a political case, and say that all deniers should be imprisoned, shamed publicly, have their children shamed, and homes and places of work burnt down (link below); it’s the opposite of free thought.  Also, I am fairly certain that burning homes would lead to more pollutants in the air.
It goes from climate to politics, when people use it (the climate) to try and acquire what they want out of the world. People on the extreme left enjoy using climate as a wedge issue to blame businesses, wealthy individuals, corporations and anything else that exists to make a profit.  Even if these people succeeded and turned the US into the USSR, it would not stop China and India from polluting at a rate substantially higher than the US. Leading by example is good, but not when to do it would require decimating the US economy while abolishing our free market, and constitutional republic too.  Also, taking a wealthy persons money and redistributing it to others does nothing to help the environment.
While discussing this with a friend who is a firm believer in climate change and socialism, he told me that it was time for businesses to pay the price that they put on the environment.  The issue here is that he is talking about a philosophically theoretical cost that could never be quantified using real math, ever.  I do bet however that he and others who believe as he does would like to put a heavy tax on every profit seeking entity.  While they would do it in the name of environmentalism, the truth is these people believe that all businesses are entitled to ‘some’ profit, while the rest belongs to the government so that it can be redistributed to the masses for the greater good.  They forget that businesses need additional funds for expansion as well as for R&D on new products and services; they also do not believe in the profit motive.  Some on the far left are even blaming this summer’s tragedy in Ferguson Missouri (link below) on climate change.  The article claims the unrest there is a result of the community not having enough resources to battle climate change; if that isn’t a veiled call for redistribution of wealth and socialism, I don’t know what is.
Rather than people hijacking other issues not related to their cause, they should argue on facts and facts alone.  The issue is arguing global warming, when there has been no significant warming for the past 17 years (link below).  In world history, there have been periods where temperature has been both warmer and cooler than it is now in 2014.  Using relevant satellite data since ’79, there has been a .3C degree rise in temperature, which would mean that at this rate we could expect it to be 1 full degree C higher by 2079.  A 1 degree C increase in temperature will certainly not kill us all.
If you would like real evidence of people on the far left using this (the climate) for their own political means, look at California over the past two years. They have implemented a carbon tax system for their state and have collected millions in taxes from it. All of that money has gone to public housing and road construction. I am fairly certain that building new roads and homes requires the use of a lot of resources and results in many particulate emissions into the air. They did all of this with the new tax revenue all while telling tax payers that it would be to create cleaner air.
The bottom line is the state just needed more money; California out of all states has the largest deficit.  It is practically a European style welfare state.  They (elected officials in California) cannot have a balanced budget running the government of the state as they do.  Welfare states exist by consuming wealth, when they run out, government needs to invent new taxes and increase existing ones.
Unfortunately, that is with the far left (those which advocate for communism and socialism) never seem to realize. You can take money from businesses and redistribute it. When you run out you can then you can take money from any individual you deem as having too much and then redistribute that.  When you run out you can use the power of the state to seize private assets and monetize them, but eventually all of that money will run out and when it does you’re left with nothing.  The solution after that is to print more currency and ration it, which destroys the value of the currency, which leads to total collapse, failure of a system, and poverty for all (i.e. North Korea).
These marchers share common beliefs:  Businesses are evil, corporations are evil, anyone who has more than the average American has too much, and that a socialist/communist revolution needs to take place to be a great equalizer.  The economics of communism are nothing more than what the dictator tells you to believe until they change their mind.  Under a system like that, mathematics of wage, labor, supply, demand, and GDP go out the window.   The vast majority of these protesters have college degrees in areas of study that lead to jobs in fields that currently have high unemployment rates and low starting salaries.  That is nobody’s fault but their own, they chose their academic path.  No one is ‘entitled’ to a job or certain salary.
I tried to figure out where people are getting these beliefs in the first place, it appears it goes back to their academic path in college, in some cases even earlier.  While I believe colleges should be required to inform students upon declaration of a major what the starting salary and unemployment rate in the field of their choosing is, they are not.  Instead students go in and take required classes during their first year, the majority of which are taught by professors that are thrilled to share these far left beliefs in class and do all they can to indoctrinate new students into not only these beliefs, but also into majors that will lead to the opposite of wealth later in life.  I have seen this many times, experienced it in college myself, and been informed by current students that it still goes on.
The more students these educators can pump out that graduate disgruntled are more people that they will have in their political camp for the rest of their lives.  It makes even more sense after knowing that the vast majority of professors in the USA identify as democrat or further left. Collectively these professors figured out in the 1970s and 80s that if they could pump out more and more disgruntled students that are convinced their solution is the only viable solution, in about 100 years they would have a legitimate chance at turning the country their way.  It is easy for these professors to label anyone who works hard and amasses wealth who does not want to give it up as greedy.  Once someone is labeled they can be dismissed.
This was always a theory of mine, but if you look at occupy and the recent climate marches in New York, the vast majority of the people that attended appear to be disgruntled while also being educated at universities too.  They (barring celebrity talking heads) also happen to have very few prospects at jobs that lead to greater wealth (they’re protesting rather than working).  If you look at what they were doing at the climate marches recently, they were not advocating for cleaner air; all of their signs were blaming the big banks, capitalism, and the free market; which is, oddly enough, most likely what they were taught when they were in college.  Without the free market, their phones, computers, social networks, and the conveniences they have in life would certainly not exist in the forms they do today.  Also, thanks to competition, they would not be as good too.
If you believe in a cause, argue for your cause; but never claim that all of the problems in the world are because you’re not getting your way on a certain issue.  Don’t hijack other issues for your gain.  Don’t dismiss others facts as bogus lies simply because you disagree.  Doing so makes you look like a 3 year old baby throwing a tantrum because you aren’t getting what you want.

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