It’s Upsetting That Financial District Residents Tried to Stop Denny’s Restaurant from Moving In

An older article wrote years ago that I published here since I believe the concept is still relevant.
In addition to being an operations management professional, I am also a lover and believer in freedom and free markets.  As such, I was shocked to see that residents of the financial district in NYC were suing to stop a Denny’s restaurant from moving in.  The people that live there are the wealthiest of the wealthy in NYC; they use the free market as a tool to acquire the great wealth they have.  I am happy that they have so much, these people for the most part went to college to study finance and investment strategy, they deserve what they make.  What’s most upsetting is that in their filing, they claimed that Denny’s is “synonymous with a late night party atmosphere, as well as drunk, disorderly, violent and criminal conduct.”  I have asked a few college students as well as friends what the first thing they thought of when they heard Denny’s, none of those things ever came up.  I find it amazing that those whom use the free markets for a living to generate high incomes would now all of a sudden be so against the free market.  What is also odd is that a drunk and disorderly atmosphere already exists right down the block on Stone street, I don’t see them complaining about that.
Maybe it is all about image for these people, I’d recommend that they look at themselves in the mirror.  A free market means that all people are free to participate in it without government intrusion.  But how free of a free market is it when people come together to force participants out with a legal filing.  If Denny’s is successful, and they want Denny’s out, they should provide a better product, at a better price point.  Until or if that ever happens, I hope that people who eat there enjoy the regular fare to go along with the specific menu items that make this the most unique Denny’s that anyone would ever expect.

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