As I Predicted, Unintended Consequences of Vision Zero in NYC Are Starting to Pop Up

An older article wrote years ago that I published here since I believe the concept is still relevant.
Last October I authored a post here on the blog that discussed in detail the many ways Vision Zero could be a net negative for NYC.  I have now begun to see the first articles written about unintended consequences.  This will be the only time I say it:  I TOLD YOU SO!
The article I have cited below hits on something I never thought of:  diverted traffic flow.  After reading this article I drove the streets mentioned, to be honest, the author is completely accurate.  The traffic was so backed up; I myself needed to utilize the adjacent residential streets to get around the jam.
It is also interesting to see politicians that were once in favor of this, now against it.  This isn’t too much of a shock because politicians are always in favor of things until the public disagrees, which is when they flip flop.
Over the next few weeks and months I will be paying closer attention to the media so see if there are any more articles like this that pop up.  I will close by once again saying, never open to the door to more regulation because of a ‘crisis’ and never ever act under the guise of ‘if we could save just 1 life’.

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