My take on the Pope and Climate Change

An older article wrote years ago that I published here since I believe the concept is still relevant.
As a Catholic I have always viewed the Pope as the leader of spiritual guidance for a faith.  At 33, I cannot remember in my lifetime, a Pope intervening in politics.  In certain ways, it baffles my mind, in others, I understand.  Either way, I disagree with him.
The Pope, as an Argentinean, grew up in a politically left country with a high poverty rate.  His whole life, he witnessed successful countries moving on and up in the word while so many poor at home were left behind.  I would think it very likely that he believes the poor of the world should be moved up on the backs of the more wealthy countries, regardless of the impact it will have on those who live in the wealthier countries.
The Pope is a highly educated individual, he knows that this is a hot button issue in the US, he also knows that it is next to impossible to get any cap and trade or climate legislation through the US congress (thankfully so).  Francis sees that Catholics in the USA are conservative and conservatives for the most part don’t want any more regulation (Unless pro police, military, or NSA).  So through this, he will try to turn them his way on climate change; I don’t think it will work.
Francis wants developed countries to pay an unquantifiable cost to other countries as a punishment for being successful and producing.  I find it interesting how this unquantifiable number can somehow only be quantified by environmentalists, socialists (The Pope), and hard leftists.  This number always has nothing to do with mathematics or statistics.   I wish they would just come out and say: “I believe in total forced equality for everybody in the world, and I want everyone to be equally poor”.
It’s the same with the climate change data itself, there has only been statistically significant data for the past 43 years. In statistics 101 you learn that data would be considered barely significant. But people on the hard left, socialists (The Pope), and environmentalists say it doesn’t matter you still have to act anyway. They should come out and say: “we are people who are far politically left and we know that immediately switching everyone over to renewable energy would drive the prices of all goods and services up by a factor of three or four, but we don’t care, even though we know it would put lots of people out of work, all we care about is mandated forced equality”.
Lastly, if the US ceased putting any carbon dioxide into the air, in 100 years the global temperature would be fractions of a degree lower.  It seems like a lot of economic hardship and change for something so small in return.
Also, it’s interesting how many people on the liberal side of politics laugh at religion and preach atheism but all of a sudden love this guy; just screams of a double standard.
Francis is a spiritual leader.  With so many in his flock being killed and displaced due to terror, I wish he would focus on that over climate change.  His heart is for the poor, but the way to help the poor is not to take from one group and give to another, at least check, that was stealing and in violation of one of those commandments.

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