When Someone, Even The Government Or a Scientist Says They Know Something, Be Skeptical.

Every ‘study’ regardless of who funds it, is done to prove a point.  Most will disregard certain data sets, or begin their analysis at a different point in time to leave out certain data or events.  On climate change, real data exists for 40-45 years, which is barely significant.  Regardless of the subject matter, research previous studies of similar topics, you will never know what people ‘knew’ in years past.
Just remember that in 1970, scientists knew…
That population would outstrip the food supply in 5 years and that 200 million people per year would die of starvation resulting in mass extinction by 1980
That by 1995 75% of all living species would be extinct
That by 1980, all urban dwellers would have to wear gas masks to protect against environmental air pollution and that by 1985 only half of the suns penetrating rays would get into the atmosphere
By 1989 4 billion people would die in the ‘great die off’
All of these claims made by scientists in the 1970’s seem laughable today, keep this in mind when listening to anyone make predictions made by using data that is either insignificant, or barely significant.  My position on climate change has always been that there is not enough statistically significant data to make high impact long-term decisions.  5 years ago, climate change proponents said that there would be more extreme weather events; while the ‘study’ below says the opposite.  Let’s wait, be patient, and acquire more data.

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