My Take On The Same Sex Marriage Decision

An older article wrote years ago that I published here since I believe the concept is still relevant.
The SCOTUS ruling on same-sex marriage has finally come and thankfully so.  I am glad to see people of the LGBT able to marry, and I am happy to see them receive the same marriage and tax protections as heterosexual people.  I think that this unifies Americans and moves the country forward.
My personal opinion is that the government should have no role in marriage whatsoever.  I disagree with the government forcing citizens to purchase a marriage license.  It should be none of the government’s business.  A simplified flat tax system with 0 loopholes and deductions would see the elimination of tax breaks for married individuals.  At the state level it is more complex, which is why I feel SCOTUS simply legalized it for all.  I wonder if they thought of ruling in favor of states’ rights but mandating that states not allowing same-sex marriage honor and afford the same marriage protections to those people who moved into their state after being married in a state where same sex marriage was legal.
As a libertarian I think this is a win for individual liberty and for freedom of choice.  To those that are religious and conservative, I would say that I too believe in free will, and I am glad that people in the USA now how the ability to exercise that and marry a person that makes them happy, regardless of their gender.  I hope the best for same-sex couples that are soon to be married and as a heterosexual I hope to be married myself some day, and to share in their joy.  Lastly on this Love Wins hash tag; love didn’t win; freedom and individual liberty won.  I’m quite certain those who are now soon to be married loved each other beforehand.

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