Bury the Hatchet

This will just be a quick post on why; in my opinion it’s a poor idea to go a generation without talking to family members, friends, or friends in business.  I talk a lot about cost, efficiency, and quality; for this post let’s just focus on quality of a relationship.
Every family goes through this, no matter how close they are; something happens, sides are taken, and then people go months, years, or a generation without speaking.  It’s horrible, and it should be avoided at all costs.  One of my aunts didn’t speak to her sister for 17 years.  Unfortunately for her, when disease had stricken her body, and she was about to pass, she wanted to see her sister, but it was too late.  Don’t let that happen to you or someone you love.
The same also holds true in business.  Long term collaboration with another party, even a competitor (like Ford and GM with their soon to be released 10 speed automatic transmission) can lower your costs, spur innovation, and drive others around you.  If a business deal with another party goes bad, and some time goes by, and that other party changes leadership; don’t be afraid to open your mind to more collaboration, it may help you in the long run.
Humans are great at expressing themselves.  Communication of your opinions and the free flow of ideas with family members and close friends that you can trust are in my opinion, things that make a much stronger bond between people.  With friendships and family relationships, communicate to people openly and honestly when you’re hurt, and don’t be afraid to shed a tear.  I ask though, instead of filling yourself up with resentment and hate, that you remember the long run and forgive them.  If you don’t talk to someone for a while forgive them in your own heart, because there may always be a day where they come back to you, and when they do, welcome them, put the past aside, I always will.

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